Cars With High Safety Performance Are Inseparable Grom This Condition!

Safety performance is one of the important indicators for measuring car quality and car owners’ assessment of cars today.To know the safety performance of a car, the simplest and rude way is to “crash.” The crash test can detect the degree of safety protection of the vehicle to the passengers and passengers in extreme traffic accidents.The safety crash test of each country or region is formulated according to the actual local conditions. Although the standards implemented by different crash tests are different, there are several basic standards that are common, that is, after a frontal collision of the test vehicle, the door can be opened, the airbag can be exploded, the fuel will not leak, and the windshield will not be broken. Crack and fly out.

From the video, we can see that in the case of a frontal collision, the windshield is the first barrier to protect the lives of passengers and passengers. Therefore, the windshield must be firmly bonded to the car body and cannot fly off from the car. As the connecting material between the windshield and the car body, windshield adhesive plays a decisive role in the safety of vehicles.On the one hand, windshield adhesive is used to bond glass to the car body; on the other hand, it can absorb vibrations and shocks. In order to give full play to its due role.

Windshield adhesive must have the following excellent properties:

• Excellent adhesion: The pop-up airbag must rely on the windshield to function. If the adhesive strength of the windshield adhesive is not good enough, the windshield is likely to be pushed off by the airbag. The use of windshield adhesive with high bonding strength can ensure the adhesion of the windshield to the car body.

• High modulus, high shear strength: The windshield adhesive has good toughness and elasticity, which can ensure that the windshield is not easily broken when the car is hit by a rigid impact.

• Good shape retention and no sagging: Ensure that the height of the colloid before bonding is consistent, the force is balanced after bonding, and there is no lack of glue leakage.

Pustar automobile glass glue passed the test of American motor vehicle safety standard FMVSS212

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